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Providing a Better, Healthier,

Quality of

  •  Single and Multi-Unit Opportunities available

  • Multiple, diverse and proven revenue sources

  • Exclusive signature services 

  • Superior brand & premium products to diversify your portfolio

  • Tremendous growth opportunity in the massage & beauty industry

  • EPIC™ corporate support & training 

An over $17 billion industry, professional massage & facials are  much kneaded and is here to stay.
Recurring Revenue
An EPIC Concept
Growing Industry

Our proven membership focused business model allows you to enjoy recurring revenue. Month after month.

Having a EPIC™ business model that is a hybrid between clinical and spa massage and skincare offers a host of benefits for owners, their clients, and communities through education, professionalism, integrity and consistency.

Massage therapy is a Multi-Billion Dollar industry in the U.S., and Morning Dew Massage & Wellness is perfectly positioned to meet the rapidly increasing demands of the Health & Wellness Profession.  


 VETERANS                                                                                   LMT's

We recognize that our U.S. military veterans and licensed massage therapist have the skills, focus and dedication that can lead a successful business. That's why we offer special military and massage therapist incentives and programs to make franchising easier for qualified veterans and licensed massage therapist.



Health & Wellness is Exploding! 


Massage & Skincare Company


Billion Dollar Industry


Brand Growth Rate Per Year


Year Established
Become An Owner


C. Greer,


“Being a business owner of Morning Dew

Massage & Wellness has been an exciting

experience. It has enabled me to implement

the values of being EPIC both to my team and

our clients. EPIC™  as educating our clients, Being

Professional in all that we do both internally as a

team and with our clients, vendors, and

community. Using integrity and being a person and team of integrity and character and exemplifying that with our clients. And lastly, being Consistent…repeating the same positive process over with each client, at each experience. No matter who works at the front, or who is providing the massage or facial service, we strive to be consistent in providing the most EPIC™ experience each, and every, time. The MDM Franchising team continues to provide me with the tools I need to build my business, while also valuing me as a franchisee. I am proud to be a Morning Dew Massage & Wellness Franchise owner!”

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