You're One Step Closer To Your Dreams!

Morning Dew Massage & Wellness was founded by massage therapist, S.J. Greer in 2013. With his experience in clinical and spa services, sprang the idea that people should have access to a nationally known brand that offers professional massage therapy and all natural skincare services that will provide a better, healthier quality of life in an upscale environment that was a hybrid between clinical and spa, without the enormous price tag. The membership and service model that was crafted, proved to be EPIC™  and quickly allowed S.J., as well as future business owners, the opportunity to forecast sales and expenses while providing customers with affordable pricing and therefore access to more frequent, higher quality massage and all natural skincare services, benefiting them physically and monetarily. Franchising of the concept began in 2018, offering signature massages, all natural facial services and premium products, along with a membership program.

Morning Dew Massage is committed to helping you reach your dreams of success and independence by always treating you with the same care, dedication and attention to detail of our founder so that you too may enjoy “the good life.”


An EPIC™ Brand That Is Superior to All Others.